16 November 2006

nut news

oregon's state nut, the filbert, also known as the hazelnut, is oregon's official state nut. filbert trees bloom and pollinate in the middle of the winter and can produce nuts for several hundred years. it turns out that the tiny hazelnut is a true hero in preventing heart disease as well as many cancers. filberts are also a recognized "best food" for the popular low carbohydrate and mediterranean diets. hazelnuts are a natural source of the phytoestrogens, flavanoids, and isoflavones.


Anonymous said...

And that's why we love Nutella, that yummy chocolate-hazelnut spread. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you going home for Christmas?


upinthecloudsnat said...

i'm trying to get a cheap ticket for christmas. 12 days OFF if i can only find a cheapo ticket.

upinthecloudsnat said...

and thanksgiving at renner's - the misfits come together and eat TURKEY. yum!