30 November 2006

i just found what i wrote,
what i quoted in my senior yearbook.
are you ready for this?
them ez will, kin. - PEACE.
where did that come from?
another photo post that sums up
who i am pretty much.
someone said to me recently, infectious smiler, lover of life, chronic giggler ~
it made me smile.


Anonymous said...

What do you want for your birthday?


upinthecloudsnat said...

a call from YOU! ;) -- um, what do i want for christmas? how about a package all decked out just like the last one you gave me? i finally used that tightly vacuumed packed hand towel this week. and i'm not going to say what was written on it. but i feel the same way ;) ... i'd love some clothes or an ipod OR some yarn.

upinthecloudsnat said...

ohhh... i know what i want - a DAY SKI pass with all the whistles and bells that go along with. gift certificate to ski bowl or timberline. ;) i'll hitch a ride with my good friend, kristina