24 November 2006

don't spill the potatoes!

thanks, marguerite and chris for picking the carless me up. and no worries, i would ride in the mercedes from anchorage and back with you guys and still be able to put up with the two of you. ;) and to renner, wow! the drunken yams and turkey were divine and out of this world yummy! who else could i watch nature's most venomous (sp?) creatures right after dinner with... i hope i never encounter a nose leech... can you imagine? i love you tons but not enough to take a tweezer and yank something like that out of your nose.

check out my friend michele and miles... cool photo of you girl!

1 comment:

mm said...

I'm glad you can put up with the two of us. Marital bliss is sometimes all about cursing one another once in awhile....just kidding, we are pretty nuts though. Glad you had a great thanksgiving too!!