28 October 2006

i ate dinner last night with the A-clan at romo’s la jara, 50th and hawthorne. little Will is turning into a little man. now if you're in the mood for some good mexican, go here. i got up early this morning and drove over to m&c's to walk their dogs, lucky and bear. burnside cuts right through the hills and after winding on a 40 mph road which i had to keep it under 30 (seriously, fog issues), burnside turns into barnes road. right now, the view from their apartment looking out into the valley is NOT-a-happening. the fog this morning is pretty thick and the furthest away that you can see is maybe the treeline but barely. what you can see though is beautifully colored trees vibrantly bursting in colors, yellow and reds. the sun wants to come out but the fog is making it difficult. i'm about to head out in search of some coffee via CAR. its almost the end of october, halloween draws in and tomorrow, sunday, is one year for me. what does the day have in store for me? and to jas and rami, when was that short film entitled Paparazzi made. i want to be in FILM too. ;)

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mm said...

Nat- Thanks again for doing such a great job with the bear and lucky. They miss ya!