18 October 2006

as you know getting a professional massage COSTS money these days. and we're talking MONEY. this kind of money does not grow on trees and for that matter in my bank account. going once a week would be ideal but its almost $100 bucks just for a (1) hour session. BUT tonight, Kristina and I found the mecca of student massages for only twenty five dollars. that will get you 50 minutes of muscle knot removal, pressure on every part of your body nirvana. i can't even type i'm so relaxed. now for dinner. students rock!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, finding things that students do is cool -- and cheaper. You can also get discount dental service at dental schools. I won a free lottery ticket. Wo-hoo. I was hoping for big money, but free lottery ticket is cool too. I figure I'm contributing to bro's education.


upinthecloudsnat said...

lunch today, a slice of pizza from pizza schmizza. it was better than the bonus check i got the other day. next check, will be like winning the lottery.

and your lottery ticket? what did you win?