14 September 2006

right on, right on

JUST IN: baby Q came for a visit with her mom, brynn and shortly there after, a co-worker put in his resignation and said his good byes... i got a bit teary-eyed. not sure why?

good to see you girl [jen]. felt like ages since we last saw one another. AND mm blogs: i'm the one who lent my jacket to m.

and thanks so much to john, shawn, jen, marguerite, my mom and susan for helping a sister out with her move - i'd like to call the 'quickie.' ;) i posted another flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Evolution keeps us honest. We are constantly changing -- hopefully getting stronger and better -- getting closer to what the universe intends us to be. We have to evolve to keep up with ourselves. When I look back at where I have been, I feel like I have acheived so much. Even the bad stuff made me better.