19 September 2006

on september 25th, 2005, i interviewed for the hilton. on october 29th, 2005, i moved to portland from ATL. and nat wants to celebrate.

october 29, 2006
at my brand, new apartment
starting at 2:00 PM
bring yourself and a friend
email me and i'll send you my address

what was it? an industrial distillation column, on it's way to the industrial area. today, the president of the united states will talk to the united nations followed by [45 minutes later] the president of iran. and did you know, the new beijing-to-lhasa express is the world's highest railway, topping 13,123 feet most the way and climbing to 16,640 feet at tangulashan station. "at such heights, the ground never defrosts, so the tracks are driven deep below the ice into solid ground, flanked by special cooling pipes to keep the permafrost stable." isn't that just darn fascinating? just think twice before you decide to ride such a modern marvel, at those altitudes, you could come down with a wracking headache and even blackout.

i have 3 more nights with mom. did i just get s&cked into a black hole because time has escaped me once again.


Anonymous said...


upinthecloudsnat said...

yes, raven (my sophisticated cat) loves the apt. expecially now that i have carpet...i'm a convert. from wooden floors to carpet. makes for a cozy place come wintertime

Anonymous said...

The modern marvel is equipped with oxygen that is piped in when elevations exceed approximately 9000 feet, so people need not fear that awesome train. Just hope you don't have to get off at 15,000 feet. Also, don't forget that "it's" is possessive, meaning "it is." But hey, Harper Lee is a grammarian, I suppose. Sorry your mom is leaving but that South will be glad to have her back.


upinthecloudsnat said...

don't have too much funs with mom whens she returns... you should have stayed here to begin with!

Anonymous said...


i miss my mommie ;____;