20 September 2006


mom and i dined OUT last night to the sound of mussels. and to the family, mom is coming home but plans are in play already for next year. i will fly out, one way ticket, and drive cross-country with mom and papa. it was super cool to hang out with mom last night on my deck. the planes flew by through the hanging clouds making them disappear and reappear all in one swoop. and my mother has the most amazing love story to tell. i think she is extremely lucky and i hope one day i will meet someone just like my papa. wow... the reality is - these days, the idea of 'courting' does not EXIST.

check out pitch black but 7 blocks north from my shangri-la


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing your Mom's love story? Would love to hear it?

Anonymous said...

I think courting does exist . . . and maybe one day you will experience it.


upinthecloudsnat said...
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