28 September 2006

book covers. i always wondered how much 'thought' goes into the look of a book cover. this is my current read. almost done and kinda befitting for something i heard about someone in my extended family today. pregnant, somebody's pregnant? ;) does walking around for 2 hours after work constitute for a good work-out? i’ve been trying, trying so hard, to get in some cardio work but by the time i get home, i’m just slap worn-out. and i stumbled across something that made my insides chuckle, i come across the acronym F.E.R.R.E.T. which stands for: Ferret Emergency Response Rescue and Evacuation Team. i couldn’t help but - laugh. and i have to ask: so how often are they called to evacuate Ferrets? and if you want to buy something, BUY one of my sister's drawings...click here, at hypersango

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