31 March 2020

Homeschooling Day 6 & 7

Yesterday and today were all a blur to me.  I hope to write more on Day 8. 

27 March 2020

Homeschooling Day 5 of ...

Funny how Facebook connected me today to someone I went to college with who posted a cute video of her reading the Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn

Welcome to the world of read along books!!!  Our go to right now is StoryTime at Awnie's House.

I sat Sam down for an hour this morning to go over today's super sight word - where and then we learned more about the equal sign.  Working on number bonds and number sentences with a 6-year-old has got to be one of the toughest assignments to date.  When the world goes back to normal, I will be hugging and sending so many notes of encouragement to Sam's teacher.  

This week has pretty much worn me out!  Below are some cool sites I stumbled across that you might think are useful as well:
  • Art for Kid's Hub, Sam watched the video entitled How to draw a kitten in a hot air balloon.
  • Khan Academy, for math and writing lessons 
  • You can read to your kids while this video is playing to Love is Kind by Laura Sassi
  • My mother-in-law also has some great ideas so please make sure to visit her newsletter at Links to Lovely Things.
Be back on Monday until then stay well everyone...

26 March 2020

Homeschooling - Day 4

Happy Thursday to you all during these strange days all thanks to COVID-19.

We woke up and did the usual, got up, showered and put our clothes on.  Yes, my kids like to walk around the house in nothing but their underwear so getting these two dressed for the day is a major accomplishment.

I poured the last two bowls of Coca Puffs this morning, shudder... and then as Grandma does with Sam every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 9ish o'clock, she helps me with Sam's homeschooling needs and this morning we went over a number of sight words to find out that Sam has only 6 of them to work on!!! Grandma and Sam read to one another the book Playing Together.  We chatted for a little bit, you know chatted about how to keep groceries COVID-19 free and then Colette entertained us with a photo she drew of us of our future adventures to Jazzy Bagels.  Sam drew a totem pole that he ended up turning into an arm cuff to ward off the virus.

Don't tell Dad but we went for a quick scooter run around the neighborhood - talk about the most stressful thing I've done all week long.  I feel like such a terd now when I see another human being, yelling at the kids about how we need to steer clear of them/us/human beings...

Lunch was Mac & Cheese.

After lunch I put on a Scavenger Hunt in the backyard.  The kids loved marking off their finds!  We played some frisbee afterwards.  Once back indoors we video chatted with my Mom over a cup of tea.  

Dad's home now and well, we are about to bbq porkchops!!!!!

25 March 2020

Homeschooling - Day 3

A few firsts which are super obvious, living through this COVID-19 health crisis which has resulted in me turning into a first time stay-at-home-mom.  May I note there is not one second, minute, hour that you have to yourself with a 4 and 6-year-old!  NOT ONE MOMENT.

Today we woke up to Wake up and Wiggle by Melissa Barnett!

Pete and Cat entertained us via PBS Kids with their livestream of Pete and Cat who taught us all about shapes and how to measure things!

Grandma, please visit her at Glenys Nellist, spent an entire hour with Sam this morning to go over sight words and make sentences with him.

I let the kids have an hour of outdoor fun in the backyard.  Sam made a makeshift obstacle course using all of his toy trucks.

Lunch was another ramen noodle and soft egg duo!   The kids absolutely love the egg addition and today was the first time that I EVER read who invented the ORIGINAL Top Ramen - it was Momofuku Ando.

After lunch Colette was able to practice her ballet via some online tutorials and Sam was finding his Zen!

Feeling as if I had conquered the day like a SUPERMOM Colette changed ALL of that for me when I thought I had a free moment to fold the laundry she decided to sneak off and drink some children's medicine. It was Poison Control online to the rescue to calm my already &$###%& nerves that she would be okay and to monitor her over the next 12 hours!


I hate to say this but I am already dreaming of the day when I can go back to work and go on vacation when this COVID-19 is all over with.

For realz!

24 March 2020

Homeschooling - Day 2 - I can do this!

What better way to start the day with a 4 and 6 year old with some yoga.  Who of my children enjoyed it the most - it was Sam!

Thanks to Grandma we used an online session of someone who teaches you how to draw animals starting out with tracing out different shapes of your hand.  This kept us busy until lunch time.  While Sam was drawing animal after animal I managed to find some leftover play dough for Colette to keep herself busy with.  Before lunch the kids had bath time where I let them play with their face & body paint.

Lunch was Mac & Cheese with a can of chicken!

After lunch I (we) decided to watch the Incredibles 2.   I know, I know but it is Spring Break and we shouldn't really be doing this homeschooling thing in the first place.

Once our matinee ended, Sam worked on some sight words with his super sight word being 'little'.

Sam didn't feel super well once Fabio's meatball run hit the fabulous TV - where the kids jump, duck, and dodge around obstacles to help Moose Fabio deliver delicious, juicy meataballs to his GrandMoose Filomena.

In between all of this I did laundry.

Before my hubby got home we watched a few episodes off Arthur.

23 March 2020

Homeschooling - Day 1 of Quarantine

First thought of mine - do I start this homeschooling business today when technically it falls on the first day of my kid's spring break?

Second thought of mine -  I'm just gonna wing it!

Got up and filed my weekly claim of UI while the kids were still fast asleep!??  

I started the day off with a movie and Coco Puffs!  Sam is on a Scooby Dooby 2 kick and well, let's just watch it one more time.   We read some books together followed by watching Mo Williams who has online sessions called Lunch Doodles which completely inspired Sam to create his very own 8 page story book about a dragon who didn't like the world - go figure!  We tried to chat with my sister and her 4 little ones but the connection was poor.  Grandma then worked with Sam via video chat on his sight words.  I had squirreled away some worksheets that we had not completed from the last few weeks of school to work on before heading into a few dance and exercise videos compliments of GoNoodle.com.  We got our heart rates up and then for the last part of the day the kids played out in the backyard and made masks.  Leaving you all with some words from the book Zen Happiness - "Be someone you want to be around.  What we do now is what matters most...be kind to yourself.  Whatever you do today, let it be enough."